The SteriSet System - Concept


  • SteriSet is a modern, light, aluminium, sterile container system designed for steam-sterilization, storage, transport and sterile presentation of surgical instruments and linens.

    SteriSet's protective double lid design drastically reduces  the risks associated with soft wrapping materials (tearing, pinholes, lint, etc.) and offers excellent design features to preserve sterility of the contents until the moment of presentation.

  • SteriSet offers four unique features:

    • Protective design
    • Re-usable barrier
    • No handling or disposables needed to tamper seal
    • Optional DRAIN to dry heavy loads

These features allow


    • to reach sterility during steam sterilization extremely cost effective, without need for disposables...

    • to maintain sterility during the rumors of storage and /  handling / transportation...

    • although being used in sense of  a "single wrap: good aseptic presentation of the sterile products in the OR ...

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