WAGNER is a  leading supplier of reusable sterilization containers for health care facilities

Our SteriSet Sterile-Container System offers the results of 50 years of marketing experience and consistent fulfillment of the requirements in clinical practice for providing up to date solutions for a safe hospital sterile supply:

  • SteriSet is a high-quality sterile container system that solves the essential requirements such as:

    in a very innovative way (multiple patents attained when introduced)Steriset containers meet the requirements of the European Medical Device Directive (CE mark), of the relevant DIN (58953-9) resp. EN (EN 868-8; EN ISO 11607-1) standards and of the US FDA (510k on file). They may legally be distributed in Europe, the US, Japan, Near and Far East and many other markets which require specific market release documents.

The wide range of SteriSet steril-containers (sterilization boxes) and options allows individual users to define their optimal system by selecting from the different options available:

To complete the container line, we offer in addition Steriset Small Sets (minicontainers: same design but no handles and different closure) and a full range of accessoriesall you need to organize sterile supply; from disposables, inner perforated or wire mesh type trays and dividers to carts, trolleys and storage shelfs...

NOTE: The product is "Made in Germany" by experienced, skilled craftsmen, with all activities being based on a formal, third party (TUV) certified quality management system acc. EN ISO13485.

  • We put great effort into designing the Steriset system, according to the rules of "passive safety":

    • less or easier handling to reduce the potential for "human error"
    • increased protection against "unexpected" environmental challenge.

    We are proud that this design was recently honored as "Exemplary product for the Safety in Medicine" in the Golden SMM (*) '98 competition.
    SMM = German Society for Safe Materials in Medicine e.V.. a non profit organization

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